About Heavenly Hollow's Staff and Julie M Walsh

Manufacturer and designer of Heavenly Hollow's Herbal Packs, Microwave Heat Packs and Aromatherapy packs for over 17 years. As an established herbalist, with a background in Aromatherapy, Reiki Master, Reiki Practitioner,Reiki Teacher and Company Owner

Julie Walsh owner of Heavenly Hollow in Averill Park NY, Reiki Master Teacher Energy Work Holistic Healing Alternative therapies

Julie M. Walsh has long understood the importance of infusing natural, double-inexpensive "pods of quality relaxation and self-care" throughout ones stressful day. 

Julie started the journey with her herbal packs 18 years ago when her children were small and she became ill with an intestinal disease that could be debilitating at times.  She was tired of taking a hand full of prescription medications every day and was looking for some alternative natural approach.

Heavenly Hollow Energy Work Reiki Healing

Adding the Reiki & Energy Healing to her thriving Herbal Business was like intertwining the puzzle pieces together.

“I’ve always wanted to help people with my healing herbal packs and years ago, adding the Reiki plus Energy Healing, it all came together, as I knew I was missing something, that piece of the puzzle.  I have seen the modality of energy healing help so many people in need mentally, physically and emotionally that sometimes I have to take a deep breath myself, as I too am truly amazed”.

Julie’s ancestor lineage traces back to her great grandmother, and further back to ancesters of the 1600's who too had the gift of “healing hands”. Her Great Grandmother thrived on a radiant herbal garden in her back yard that she would use her personal mixtures from this garden to heal the sick and wounded. “I had to put a modality with what I already knew I had. In today’s society you need credentials, so my journey lead me to get my Masters in Reiki training, Energy Healing and also Integrated Energy (I.E.T).”

After many years of exploring and with the help her products and knowledge that she has learned through her own "trial and errors", Julie can say that she lives a very comfortable life. Medication Free. 

“Life is a personal, wonderful journey that all should be able to embrace pain free as the body remembers from soul existence on how to heal itself. ” 


As Heavenly Hollow’s Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher

Julie M. Walsh holds a Certified Reiki Master , Reiki Practitioner and Teacher background practicing the Usui Reiki Method Technique along with a separate, but compatible service of healing in Integrated Energy Therapy as an Advanced IET Practitioner from The Center of Being, Inc.  Julie also holds numerous certifications with Angelology along with many courses in Psychology from The Sage Colleges in Albany NY. She has even taken several accredited courses from The American Meditation Institute . In addition to the above modalities, Julie is a certified Meditation Teacher and often includes meditation scripts and or the use of crystals, gemstones, angelology, aromatherapy (scent), and music (sound) in her healing sessions. Although not needed, she will use these other modalities, as guided, for an enhancement to your relaxation.

Julie received her Master Usui/Tibetan Reiki Ryoho certification in a class room setting, and her attunement lineage is sixth generation removed from Dr. Mikao Usui, who founded the Reiki system of energy healing in 19th century Japan.  

Her journey has taken her to a whole other level of light work and healing therapy as she has a strong spiritual draw to help others also live a comfortable, fulfilled life. Because of this, and, as a growing number of Hospitals are recognizing the healing practice of Reiki, Wednesday mornings Julie can be found at St Peters Health Care Partners, Cancer Treatment Center providing Reiki to patients in need of healing. 

Among Reiki Healing, Heavenly Hollow also invites you to explore our website. There you will find our unique twelve herb - herbal pack in luxurious vibrant cotton prints, our Lavender/Eucalyptus Sinus Pack and many other holistic items… all just a part of what is available. ALL our products used to make these herbal packs are USA grown here or by local farmers.   

Heavenly Hollow's Staff

Cassie Walsh Eyelash Specialist Beneath The Skin Lash Studio Eye Lash Extensions  Upstate New York, Capital District, Albany,Troy, Schenectady, Averill Park, Lanesborough, Hancock, Williamstown, MA,  Eyelash Extensions Latham, Averill Park Mink Eyelash Extensions

Cassie Shannon Walsh

Cassie Shannon Walsh

Cassie Shannon Walsh

 At Beneath the Skin Lash Studio, Cassie is determined to give you the best eyelash set/service you can wish for in a private setting by being thorough, 

Cassie works to use her professionalism to help her clients love, & maintain their eyelash extensions! 


Cassie Walsh Certifications 

2017 NYS Licensed Cosmetologist 

2017 Licensed Eyelash Artist from the Aesthetic Science Institute 

2019 Dermaplane Specialist 

 2019 College Graduate -High Honors - Humanitarian Services

2020 Reiki Practitioner/Energy Worker

2020 LashBox LA Trained in Specializing for Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions 

Cassie currently partners up independently with Heavenly Hollow

Kait Walsh Health and Fitness Coach

Kait Walsh

Cassie Shannon Walsh

Cassie Shannon Walsh

Kait Walsh Health & Fitness Coach

My number one WHY and my biggest reason in why I became a coach was to change the lives of others in a way that this whole experience has inspired me and has changed my life. Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive - YOU control your future.