Herbal Packs Testimonials

Heavenly Hollow offers a unique Herbal Blend for our Herbal Packs, Hot Cold Packs, Herbal Aromatherapy Packs. Herbal Packs are All Natural, Microwavable, Heat Wraps. Hand USA MADE . See our Herbal Packs Testimonials


10 Chamber Shoulder 

I ordered 2 of these on Friday and received them the following a  Tuesday. Speedy shipping and neatly packaged. They are very well made,  beautiful material, full of lavender, eucalyptus and flax seed and large  enough to fully cover my husband’s neck and shoulders. I’m so glad I  ordered one for each of us.  

~Jackie Carpenter, February 5, 2020

Regular Herbal Pack

I just wanted to let you  know I am very happy with my hot/cold pack. The Lavender Forest fabric  is so pretty. I use a lot of essential oils, so I find the fragrance  very nice. I hope it lasts a long time, but if not, I hope you are still  in business so that I can order another one. So glad they are made in the USA. 

~Reviewed by Marion Allen on January 4, 2020

Thank you for making this beautifully handcrafted "I Love My Cat" catnip  kick sack without a tassel!  Appreciate receiving the toy in a sealed  bag!  Excellent customer service, wonderful communication and fast  shipping!  PURRfect! 

~Reviewed By June Campbell on Dec 20, 2019

Herbal Foot Warmers

 Shipping was so fast and they smell amazing this is exactly what my mom  wants for xmas I cant wait to give them to her Thank you! 

~Reviewed By Adrianna Vazquez on December 1, 2019

Regular Herbal Pack

Thank you so much for the amazingly-scented herbal pack! I gifted this  to my grandmother—she loves it and has used it every night since! 

~Reviewed By Lizzy K. on December 1, 2019

Regular Herbal Pack

 Items arrived on time and in perfect condition.  I love the patterns and the herbal pack smells so good. Two of the three items ordered are gifts, and the other one is for me.  Love it! 

~Reviewed By A.H.  on November 26, 2019

Herbal Foot Warmers

Very nicely crafted, packed and shipped. Smells wonderful! Love it! 

~Reviewed By Shawnee on November 5, 2019

Regular Herbal Pack

 Love these! Just as described and super fast shipping. I will definitely shop here again. Thanks 

~Reviewed by Kelly Stenberg on September 5, 2019

Wow!  I am absolutely loving my heat pack and so are my massage clients. The  aroma of the natural ingredients is both intoxicating and relaxing. And  placing the heated pack on the back and shoulders of a client before addressing the area warms the tissues so  I don't have to work as hard. I'm also putting it on myself during down  time between clients and it eases the tightness of my strained muscles.  Thank you so much for customizing the size to meet my needs and for getting it to me so quickly. I will be back! 

~Reviewed by K. Stevens on June 25, 2019

Hi Julie. I hope you and family are keeping  well. I’m back for more soaps and the big heat pads. My first lot of heat pads are being used night and day. I can’t even find the words to tell you how much your heat pads are changing my life for the better. Thank you so much Julie. It wasn’t until I used heat to see if it could ease my pain, that it didn’t just help in small ways Julie, it was Instant, directly where my pain was, and made a HUGE difference. I now sleep! Where before the constant pain was keeping me awake, and wearing me out (and wearing me down). Nothing was controlling the levels of my pain (and I’m on some heavy duty pain meds!), enough for me to be able to rest. I’m finding that tweeting everything I take (meds etc) and the use of the heat pads, is working really well for me now. It’s like a night and day difference to the quality of my life. I Thank God for You Julie and your healing powers and heat pads. Bless You.
(Saying with a big smile on my face!) The Only problem Julie, my first set of heat pads are having a hard time keeping up. So I’m back to buy more. YAY! Problem solved! I just wish every “problem” could be solved as fast! Also. - just want to say - I have really dry and very ultra sensitive skin (as I’ve shared with you before). The soaps I  purchased are really helping me. I don’t have any of the dry skin reaction to them, (as I do to others even Dove Extra Moisturizing Shower stuff!) And just to make me smile even more, they smell lovely. Is there any way to make the bar of soap larger? Rob (my hubby) wants to use them too, but he goes through soap like it’s going out of fashion! Anyway. I just wanted you to know that I’m really happy and my health is doing really because of you (and your products).xoxo Deb

~Reviewed on March 15, 2019

4 Chamber Lumbar Pack

Bought this lumbar hot/cold pack for my lower back issues. It retains  heat for a long time and the size if perfect for laying on my stomach.  Keeps my back warm and I can also fold it in half n keep it on my lower back as I sit on sofa. Arrived quickly. Smells amazing. Very impressed 

~Reviewed By Lisa Hernandez on Feb 27, 2019

4 Chamber Lumbar Pack

This large back pad is for my hubby Rob. He’s been suffering from back  pain due to scoliosis (curvature in his spine). Since retiring from the  USAF (after 22 years of service), for the last 10 years he’s been  working for the US. Army as a contractor. So my hubby grew his hair out  (now it’s falling out!) grew a beard and a belly! He’s also grown more  stubborn when it comes to his health and exercise!!!! That’s an  offensive word in our home! So I had come to Julie for help. This is a  new experience for us, so I was very relieved when Julie reached out  to  me. I am very hopeful that Rob and I will become firm followers of Julie’s healing items and abilities. I highly recommend if you’re  suffering with pain, try Julie’s healing practices. Thank You. BB  Debijean , February 25, 2019

Thank You again. I really love what you’re selling. Your shop is growing nicely. I just wanted you to know I appreciate all your hard  work. Thank You. BTW; I’ve had my eye on your heating and cold therapy products, the quality of your hand made  products are best I’ve seen anywhere online. And I haven’t ever found  anything like this on the high street shops either. Thank you for making  these. I’m just sorry I didn’t buy from you sooner.  

D.Nelson, VA on February 23, 2019

Regular Herbal Pack

I already have people at work asking where I purchased at!  Expect more orders.  This pack is amazing! 

~ Reviewed by Anonymous on January 24

Herbal Foot Warmers

I purchased these slippers as a gift. It was shipped very quickly and  received very quickly. I received a call from my niece last night and  she loves them! She really appreciated the flaxseed instead of rice and  she said they smelled amazing! Well done! 

~ Penny Moubry Jan 26, 2019                     

Fantastic smell. Received the day before going into labor. No idea what I  would have done without it! I labored un-medicated and this was one of  my favorite tools for comfort during and after. Thank you. 

~Alyssa C on Jan 4, 2019

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Mask

Everyone needs this mask! Everyone!! It is heaven wrapped up in  beautiful fabric with lovely smells of lavender and eucalyptus. Its  perfectly weighted, completely blocks out light and feels simply  amazing! Clearly, highly recommend!! 

~Britton on Jan 1, 2019

Regular Herbal Pack

My husband's secretary gave him something  similar as a gift, over 20 yrs ago. It lasted over 15yrs. Would probably  still have it if I didn't accidentally burn it.  Love this one! I  bought two, and am happy as can be. Gets hot and stays hot for a while.  I'm going to buy a few for my twins in college. They live with a bunch  of teammates, this will be nice for after practice! 

~ Milena W, SAN GABRIEL, CA  December 31, 2018 

Dear Julie,I love the heat pack. I am really thrilled with it. I wanted  one with a cotton cover, and this one is terrific. It is beautiful too.I  tried to leave you a good review on ---, but for some reason my  purchase doesn’t show up there. I looked several times. I will look  again and see if it suddenly appears, but know that I am very  pleased.Thank you, Emilie                                                

10 Chamber Shoulder

This is exactly what I was looking for. Its well made and smells great.  Works well for the neck, shoulders and upper back. Would highly  recommend this product! 

~ Anonymous, December 1, 2018

Hi Julie....Your 2 aromatherapy hot/cold packs are amazing & so beautiful!  My Dad is 90 & loves using 
the warmth for his occ. leg cramps... I bought him 2 this yr... one for the microwave & one to keep bagged in the freezer!!

Thank you very much for prompt shipping to assure a pre-Christmas delivery...

Merry Christmas! 

~  Evelynn H. December 21, 2018

4 Chamber Lumbar

Beautifully made, gorgeous fabrics, clever idea!  Fast shipping and well  packaged so everything arrived safely.  A delight to deal with the  vendor.  Shop with confidence here.  

~Loriah Robinson

Regular Size Herbal Pack

Perfect size & love the herbal scent! Will be purchasing another 

~Julie P on Nov 17,2018

Herbal Foot Warmer Booties

I had a pair of these from another company who doesn’t make them  anymore. I was so concerned I’d never find anything that compared. I use  these ALL the time because my feet get cold and even cramp up  sometimes. These came fast! They are high quality and they are warming  my feet as I type this review!! Thanks again! I will be a long time  customer!

~ Sheri Gunaka, Oak Forest, IL November 8, 2018 

This pack is perfect!! My husband had never heard of them nor used one  & he absolutely loves it! This one is of wonderful quality &  craftsmanship! Very obvious Julie Walsh takes great care & love into  her work! Thank you!!

~Tanya Gorena,   SAN ANTONIO, TX , Sept 26, 2018 

All Herbal Packs

Love these herbal packs! This is my second purchase - got it so I have  one that can live at work (desk job)! I also own the large 10-chamber  neck/shoulder pack - I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s held up perfectly.  Still smells nice and is in perfect shape. Thank you! 

~Felicia Ramos Sept 17,2018

4 Chamber Lumbar

I absolutely love it!!! I was browsing threw the store not noticed some  fabric print (Purple sun) that i absolutely love but i didn't see it as  an option in the drop down menu for the Lumbar heat pack. I messaged her  to see if this was an option. she quickly replied and gave me  instructions on how to go about ordering it. I received the package very  quickly, and i absolutely love it!! the smell is soothing and relaxing  and it stays warm for a long time! great for my moms sciatica pain and  my back pains! since my mom is slowly trying to steal mines i am  planning on getting her one of her own! 

~ Gabbie Escalante on Aug 16, 2018, Rilato, CA                   

Cat Nip, Happy Cat Nip Kick Sack

Great size for feline kick-boxing frenzies. My cat son Owen Lewis LOVES biting and kicking the #!!T out of it for hours! Very well made indeed. Thank you. ♥️🐾

~Reviewed by Carrie on July 7


Cervical Neck Pack

Great shaped pillow for the neck. It smells amazing and is just the right weight of filler. I cannot live without one of these. Previously ordered from Julie, and every transaction was smooth. Best prices. Julie is a great lady to deal with. Delivery was quick...3 days from order to my front door. So many sellers, but this one is definately a pleasure to deal with.

~Reviewed by D.Held, PA on April 11, 2018

Cranial Cap Migraine

beautiful pattern really well made, shipped very quickly. the pressure/weight and shape are soothing for migraines along with the herbal blend scent

~Reviewed by J.Defazio North Chili, NY on March 12, 2018

Hi thanks again for my order!  You’re eye masks are always better quality and larger than any other shop I’ve tried . I really love the flyers on each product showing what herbs are in the packs. Not only are you expanding your clients knowledge of herbs and the remedy for it the flyer is very professional to. This is my second large order from your company I wish you well in your endeavors. ~Julia Aden, March 2018 


Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Pack

Bought this and the shoulder pack as a Christmas present and it came within a day or two. I appreciated how quickly this arrived and when I saw the quality of the product,I asked my husband to buy me one! I have already used it a few times and it is heavenly. Would definitely recommend to anyone! 

~Reviewed by Tanya, Feb 21,2018 

Lavender Eucalyptus Eye Mask-  Exactly what I was looking for! I'm blown away by how comforting and relaxing this eye mask is. The weight of the flaxseed makes me fall right asleep when I'm wearing it. It smells amazing too, and such a cute design. 

~ Februsary 17, 2018

Herbal Foot Warmers-  I'm in love with these slippers! The design is stunning and they keep my feet toasty warm. Such an awesome way to relax. And excellent customer service by Julie, she made my entire experience go so smoothly. :) 

~Reviewed by Mary from Plano , TX on Feb 22, 2018

10 Chamber Shoulder

I got this for my stepdad who’s a couples therapist. He loves it for after he sees patients and needs to recuperate. He’s a pretty big guy so the large size works for him. Would highly recommend! 

~Reviewed by Emma Rose SAN DIEGO, CA on Feb 13, 2018

10 Chamber Shoulder 

Talk about therapy! This warmed wonder around your neck is stunningly soothing and fits into each little body nook and cranny with it's flexible contents. I didn't want to take it off! It's so impressive how it retains the heat and keeps on comforting.

~Reviewed by L. Robinson on Jan 11, 2018    

Herbal Foot Warmers

Love the fabric, love the quality, love that it heats the top and bottom of my feet and that I can sit cross-legged with one on each foot. It holds the heat for quite a while. I bought two and had one made a little wide for my friend. If I bought another one for myself I would make the bottom an inch shorter and the top an inch longer. It arrived very promptly even with the custom request and over the holidays.

~Reviewed By Barbara Stanley from  SAN DIEGO, CA on Jan 17,2018

10 Chamber Shoulder

Bought this and the eye mask as a Christmas present and it came within a day or two. I appreciated how quickly this arrived and when I saw the quality of the product, I asked my husband to buy me one! I have already used it a few times and it is heavenly. Would definitely recommend to anyone! 

~Reviewed by Tanya on January 1, 2018

This was a Christmas gift for a good friend. She loved it! I'm not sure if she has used it yet,but she was so excited when she opened it. It smells amazing and the fabric was beautiful.  I was nervous when I ordered it if I would receive it in time for Christmas, and as  promised, it was delivered right on time,actually earlier than I expected. Very happy and pleased with the product and the seller. Thank you! 

~Reviewed by A.H. on January2, 2018

4 Chamber Lumbar Pack

Beautifully made, gorgeous fabrics, clever idea!  Fast shipping and well  packaged so everything arrived safely.  A delight to deal with the vendor. Shop with confidence here. 

~Reviewed By  Loriah Robinson, LOS ANGELES, CA on December 22,2017 

10 Chamber Shoulder

Amazing product, the person gifted was very happy! 

~Reviewed By Sara Lopez on December 21,2017

Regular Cotton Herbal Pack

This wrap works very well, cooled or heated, and has a very nice  fragrance to it.  I am using it for osteoarthritis in my feet and it conforms nicely across the base of my toes.  I am very pleased and will use this shop again. 

~Reviewed By Barb on December 19,2017

Herbal Foot Warmers

So far, I’m really impressed. Great quality - will be a nice gift. 

~Reviewed by Maggie Mint on December 15,2017

Lavender Eucalyptus Eye Mask

This is also a great item. Gave it to my granddaughter for her headaches. She really likes it. 

~Reviewed By Pansy Dickson on December 14,2017

Lavender Eucalyptus Eye Mask

This is exactly what I have been looking for! It helps with my headaches  and sinus congestion. The size is perfect for my head. It is very  comfortable, and the essential oils smell wonderful! 

~Reveiwed By Bridget McConnell on December 5,2017

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask-

Works AMAZING! Helps my son with his migraines.  Fast shipping. Thanks! 

~Reviewed by J.Hart,  BLUE SPRINGS, MO  December, 4,2017

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask-

This is exactly what I have been looking for! It helps with my headaches  and sinus congestion. The size is perfect for my head. It is very  comfortable, and the essential oils smell wonderful!

~ Reviewed by B.McConnell on Dec 5, 2017                      

Regular Herbal Pack- 

Got this as a birthday present and my friend loves it!! Smells so nice and is such a great buy! Worth ever penny.

~ N. Walcott ,  WAKE FOREST, NC ,Dec 1,2017

Herbal Foot Warmers-

Wonderful product, could not recommend these slippers more! They were made exactly as described and the shop had no problem leaving them unscented. They graciously included the personalized note I had asked them to include, as these were being shipped directly to my mom as a soothing gift during a very difficult time. Will absolutely buy from  again, thank you!! 

~ By Samantha,  VILLA PARK, IL  Sept 19,2017

Another happy recipient! I gave one of your ahhh-mazing packs to a friend for her birthday... she says she's in love (lol) We haven't even gotten to the "cold months" yet when they are really comforting! Bless you & your healing touch/energy work that sends out so many positive ripples... we surely need them right now. My friend is "5 down and 12 to go" on Chemo treatments. She is bald but beautiful!!  ~ By DondixLr8 on August 16  

~ By DondixLr8 on August 16

Herbal Foot Warmers - 

I  recently purchased your Hot/cold herbal infused Footies. I must say the  fit is perfect and relief from Neuropathy is so comforting. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

~ P. Lopez ,  ROCKLEDGE, FL 

10 Chamber Shoulder Pack

I can't tell you how much we enjoy your herbal packs! We keep giving  them as gifts because everyone raves over them & loves them....  Thank you so much for making such a good quality product! We have a dear friend facing breast cancer right now - this has brought her so much  comfort on the "bad" chemo days. Bless you! 

~D. Vickers, NC

4 Chamber Herbal Pack

Hello,  I just received your herbal neck pack and 4 chamber lumbar pack that I  ordered from Etsy. I wanted to extend a thank you! I am so happy with  this purchase, and am very pleased with the herbal scent, weight and  heating retainment of these packs. There is nothing like this on Amazon,  I looked! So again, thank you so much for your talents and for the time  you took to make such a superior product.  

~Ryan  HINSDALE, IL  on July 11

Save on 6 Lavender Eye Masks-  Hi thanks so much again for everything I loved the eye masks and the hat works great, I have had to use it right away since I have come down with bronchitis and have been running fevers all week. The eucalyptus spray reality helps too with my breathing. Again thanks for everything. Reviewed By J. Aden,TN. May 25,2017

Regular Herbal Pack-  I've used "body buddies" for years.  This one is excellent.  Nice quality and very effective. ~Reviewed By L. Robertson,  ALEXANDRIA, VA , May 20,2017


Regular Herbal Pack-  I ordered this one with the herbs. It smells wonderful and is very relaxing. Excellent product. ~Reviewed By L. Robertson, ALEXANDRIA, VA , May 20,2017 

Lavender Eucalyptus Eye Mask- They are awesome I bought the swirl one 2  weeks ago and had to get more for my chronic migraines and psudotumor cerebri of the brain which helps so much. It's the products that matter more to me to help with the pain and brain swelling. I also wanted to know if you made cooling caps that you can wear like a cap for the top  of head? That way I can put in freezer and help reduce swelling on my  brain more. The MS society sells them but they are a special order and  are out of my budget at 300.00 per cap. Thanks again!"  

Shoulder Herbal Pack & Regular Herbal Packs - Received my order on Monday and I'm very impressed with your products. Extremely fast service and I'm referring my friends. Again, thank you! Sharon
~Reviewed by Sharon- Scotia, NY on January 12, 2017

Herbal Foot Warmers I bought these as a Christmas gift for my mom. She loves them and said they are awesome! She said that the slippers keeps the heat much longer than she thought they would, and she wears them often at night. The shipping was also very quick, even in the Christmas season! The slippers are well-made and just as pictured.
~Reviewed by S.Krleger from Elysburg, PA on Jan 8, 2017

10 Chamber Shoulder Wrap - Hello! This is a gift for my friend. He has chronic neck pain and borrows my herbal pack constantly. I wanted to gift him with one of his own. Also, I just wanted to let you know how beloved your products are. My aunt bought me my pack in May for graduation. I brought it into my office and got our secretary and two coworkers hooked on it. Thank you so much for all the comfort they provide.
~Reviewed By Alyce L. Royersford, PA    January 7,2017

10 Chamber Shoulder Wrap- I LOVE my shoulder/neck pack. The lilac pattern is lovely and it arrived quickly. The smell is heavenly. Julie works with the angels and I felt their presence when I opened my package!~Reviewed By K. DeLodovico, New Windson MD December 11, 2016

Lavender Eucalyptus Sins Mask & Regular Herbal Pack- Nice work. Love the design. Very soothing when you have a headache or sinus issues. Super fast delivery too. Thanks again .
​~Reviewed by d.Blank, Glen Burnie, MD on December 9,2016

Herbal Foot Warmers - Super comfortable and smells divine! Quick shipping and great customer service!
​Reviewed by S.Kennedy , Albany NY on December 2, 2016

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Mask- These are the best! I am so happy I found your store. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.  I have been searching for just this type of eye bag and it exceeds my expectations!
~Reviewed By C . Martin, Farmington CT, November 30, 2016

​​10 Chamber Shoulder WrapDefinitely recommend! Turn around time from ordering to receiving was exceptional! Was even able to order fabric that wasn't listed for this size. My daughter used this for her migraine last night. She said it was awesome! The scent was very soothing. Thank you.
~ Reviewed by M. Morgesen, Tampa FL on November 9, 2016

10 Chamber Shoulder Wrap- The neck wrap is amazing - such a good weight to it!  I'm  wearing my baby boy for many hours every day,
I wish I could get an entire suit made like this wrap :)    Just wanted to say thanks. 
~Reviewed by J. Shaw ,Perkiomenville, PA on October 21, 2016

Custom Made Herbal Pack-5 Stars-This is incredible best one I have purchased yet!!! Even better than I expected it to be,
highly recommend it!!!!!!
~Reviewed by J. Thomas , Mahanoy City PA on October 21, 2016

Regular Herbal Pack-5 Stars-I recently started a second job and it is a lot of physical labor. My muscles were not use to this which caused a lot of tightness and discomfort in my neck and shoulders. One of my co-workers brought in her herbal pack that was purchased by Heavenly Hollow. Wow!!! I am absolutely in love with it! The material is of great quality and lots of beautiful designs to choose from. What I love most about this pack is the aroma and all the healing herbs used in it. My job is very fast paced and stressful. My first day using the pack I was unaware of the herbs it contained. I was so calm throughout the day. The second day my co-worker showed me a list of all the herbs and no wonder I felt so calm! I ordered myself one and can not wait until it arrives. This is an amazing product. Thank you Heavenly Hollow.
~ Reviewed September 30, 2016

Regular Herbal Pack- 5 Stars-  Order this item for an ailing dog he loves it! It has given him the comfort that I hoped it would.
~Reviewed by A. Reckley, Mooresville, NC  on September 6,2016

10 Chamber Shoulder Wrap- 5 Stars-Exactly as expected and arrived quickly. Very soothing and the weight and heat feel very nice on my shoulders and upper back.
~Reviewed by J. Challanger-Baytown, TX on July 4,2016

Regular Herbal Pack- 5 Stars- Awesome love it, herbal aroma is spot on and wonderful!
~ Reviewed by E. Aguillon on July 14,2016

Custom Made Herbal Pack-5 Stars- I Love my custom hot/cold pack and the customer service was Outstanding! Thank You HeavenlyHollow!
~ Reviewed by C. Isbell -Vandiver, AL- July 8,2016

Herbal Foot Warmers/Booties/Slippers-5 Star
Ordered on Sunday, arrived on Wednesday! They smell heavenly. Complete directions included. Feel heavenly on my feet. Had ordered lumbar pack in past and it lasted 2-1/2 years with almost daily use before it developed small holes. Have never used other heating pads this long with good results.
~Reviewed by: Marina- Fridley, MN 

10 Chamber Shoulder WrapLove my therapy wrap!! It fits nicely around my neck with just the right amount of weight . The owner Julie was wonderful to work with. She really went out of her way to try and get me the particular fabric I wanted..and kept me informed. Once she shipped the wrap, I received it within a few days. Great place and service...I can see more of her products in my future.
~ Reviewed by Patti- FL , May 3, 2016
Herbal Foot Foot Warmers/ Botties/ Slippers- 5 StarThanks so much, Julie! I've been enjoying my neck pack so much, and when I saw you were a Reiki master I just smiled. It must come through in your products! (I'm level 2). I think my mother in law will love the booties (she's restarting cancer treatments soon and always has issues with her feet). 
Thank you for being so accommodating!!

~Reviewed by  Jess- PA on May 3, 2016
Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack-  – 5 STAR-This eye mask is so great. It smells amazing and it forms to my face really well, while still covering all necessary areas. Also the shipping was very prompt. Thank you!
~ Reviewed by Alison Heath from Chicago IL on March 9, 2016

Julie, Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift! I absolutely love it, and I put the angel under my pillow and had my first dream in months. Thank you for the distant healing. I definitely needed it. The eye mask also smells amazing and helped calm me down. I am going thru a tough recovery right now , so I've been trying to find some things to help. I don't know you, but I know you are a wonderful person! I appreciate you! Thanks again!!
~ Jamie

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack-  – 5 STAR-Impressed with the quick shipping. I was expecting a small eye mask and was pleasantly surprised at the large size. I can't wait to use it! I will definitely order from here again!
~ Reviewed by Amanda Kline from Waupun WI on February 16, 2016

Just wanted to let you know that everyone loves their herbal wraps! I have purchased 5! My daughter in law Elizabeth will now be ordering one for her friend. She says its really helping her migraines. Looks like you have a big following in Massachusetts.
The cats love you too! LOL
~ Reviewed by Carrie, MA on January 13,2016

Herbal Foot Warmers/Booties/Herbal Slippers- 5 Star  
Bought these for my husband and he loves them.
~ Reviewed by M Gadzichowski, Manassas Park,VA on January 12,2016

Herbal Foot Warmers/Booties/Herbal Slippers- 5 Star
These fabulous slippers arrived super fast yesterday! They are wonderful! I have sore feet/ice cold toes constantly and these help my feet stay comfortable! Seller and communication is great too! I will be back! :)
~ Reviewed by Jenny A , Arvada ,Colorado on January 13,2016

Herbal Foot Warmers/Booties/Herbal Slippers- 5 Star
I love these foot warmers! I began taking a new medication that was causing my feet to go numb. These foot warmers have helped a lot. I was looking for something like this on Amazon at first but could only find cheap-looking made in China stuff for around the same price. So much better to have it hand made and support a small business! Thanks again.
~ Reviewed by Frances Beard, Denver,Colorado on December 12, 2015

10 Chamber Shoulder Pack- 5 Star-
This is my second time buying an herbal neck wrap from Heavenly Hollow and both times I was not disappointed. I LOVE their neck wraps so much. My first one lasted almost 3 years but I accidently tore a hole in it and so I just had to get a new one. I cannot live my life without one of these. It helps me so much. From just relaxation, to menstrual cramps, to neck and back tension I use this thing a lot on almost any area of the body. And it smells fabulous! :)
~ Reviewed by Victoria from Gig Harbor, WA on November 27, 2015

Cervical Neck Pack- Red Stars- 5 Star-
Was gift to friend shipped directly to her. She thinks this is going to help her chronic headaches. She was impressed with how pretty it is. And the packing & personal note from us. I wish I could have seen it. The important thing is she is grateful for something that might help her head pain by relaxing the neck muscles. She loves it. Quick shipping. Friend very happy. Thank you very much. Very pleased.
~ Reviewed by C. Slater from East Ridge, TN on October 17, 2015

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - 5 STAR -  
The packs came in the blink of an eye! We were so happy! I want to tell you that I appreciate the amazing service and ship time not to mention the quality! And to think I almost ordered from the original company on amazon that we had got ours from years ago - for nearly 4 times the cost! What a great price and product you offer! Thank you! And not to mention we love supporting a fellow New Yorker!!!   Can't wait to order again 
~ Reviewed by Stephanie Patterson from Medford, NY on October 14, 2015

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - 5 STAR -   I needed 2 herbal packs in a custom size without lemon grass because I am sensitive to it. HeavenlyHollow owner worked it out, created and sent me exactly what I needed. They were well-packaged with excellent delivery. The aromatic scents of the fabric bags are wonderful. I was also advised how to store them properly in the freezer to be given as Christmas gifts later!
~ Reviewed by S. Lawler from Bridgewater, NJ on October 13, 2015

Cervical Neck Pack- Blue Batik- 5 Star- CUSTOM ORDER - 5 STAR
This seller is the BEST.I told her what I wanted and she designed something for me. The material she used was wonderful and it is packed full of wonderfully smelling scents. Julie sent me email after email to make sure she understood what I wanted, even sent me a cut out of the actual neck pack to make sure it was right. It was like working with someone I knew for a long time. I could not ask for an easier transaction. I will definitely order again, probably for Christmas. So Julie, thank you so much for being a wonderful seller, I am thrilled with my new neck pack, done in wonderful cheetah spots !! And the price was so very reasonable. Bless you, I am sure we will meet up again. I will definitely refer you to friends and family.
~Reviewed by Deana Held, Allentown PA on October 8, 2015

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack- Unbleached Muslin – 5 STAR-The mask was exactly what I was looking for. I work nights and need a mask to sleep during the day, but I was getting itchy and having allergies with another mask because of my sensitive skin. This feels so good on my skin and I was not itchy the first time I used it. The pressure is perfect and aroma is relaxing. I slept great using this mask. Julie was amazing at creating covers for this mask, as I needed for my oily skin. I use it as a barrier between my skin and the mask and when I'm not using it, I put the mask inside to hold the aromas in. Overall a great product, excellent service and super fast shipping!
~ Reviewed by Neli from Chicago IL on September 19, 2015

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - 5 STAR - Julie shipped this item immediately. I was extremely surprised at the very fast service. The quality of the Hot Cold Pack is exceptional. The herbs are very fresh and the aroma is wonderful. The sewing is also well done. I would highly recommend these to anyone.
~ Reviewed by Annette from GA on September 2, 2015

Cervical Neck Pack- Blue Batik- 5 Star- Just as described. Fast shipping. Very satisfied with purchase.
~Reviewed by Rosemary M, Milford NJ on August 19, 2015

Thank you so much for your amazing customer service, your beautiful and healing products, your fast processing, and the extra special caring gift. Highest praise for you and your business!
~Reviewed by Lauren P,  Buffalo NY on August 22, 2015

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack- Red Millefiore – 5 STAR-Quick delivery, amazing scent, and quality product. It is large enough to cover my eye and forehead area.I love sleeping with it!
~Reviewed by Gaby F on July 28, 2015

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack- Yellow Pinwheel – 5 STAR- I ordered 2 eye masks; one for a friend and one for myself. We both love them! They help keep light out and I love the herbs, especially when heated. It's great for your sinuses and helpful for insomnia. Thank you so much!
~Reviewed by Heidi k.  on June 4,2015

10 Chamber Shoulder Pack / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - Awesome gift for my sister! Did a matching eye mask, both of which were nicely wrapped with a note. It was shipped promptly and she was great about responding to any questions I had! This was my second purchase in the past couple of months and it won't be the last!
~Reviewed by Heidi k.  on June 4,2015

10 Chamber Shoulder Pack / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - This was sent directly to the gift recipient so I didn't see it. When my friend (who recently had a serious back operation) received it however, he said it was FANTASTIC! He went on and on about how great it was, as well as the oil that Julie included as a bonus :) Julie was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did she gift wrap the gift for me, but she also wrote out a personalized gift card. Julie gave me some excellent advice and as far as I'm concerned this is the perfect gift for male or female, and especially for the person that has everything. Thank you!! :)
~Reviewed by Patti C.  on May 25,2015

10 Chamber Shoulder Pack / Cold Pack Herbal Pack
Thank you so much for making the best heat packs! I adore them. I have chronic muscle aches in my back and every morning I heat up your packs and fall asleep with it on at night. The aromas are heavenly!!
Reviewed by Julie B on April 21,2015

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - Just want to let you know how pleased we are with the regular cotton herbal packs that we ordered.....my mom just loves them.....your service was very fast, the product is excellent. Told my aunt in Stevens Point, WI about them and she ordered them immediately......she already received them yesterday! Glad I found your company and I know that I will order again in the future and I certainly will continue to pass the word to others about your product and service!! Keep up the good work!!
~Reviewed by Kathleen K on April 17,2015

Wealth Combo, Lavender Eucalyptus Wiccan & Reiki Induced, Pick Lavender Eucalyptus Eye Mask Pack + Lavender Eucalyptus Soap -5 Star- Let me be the first to say that, this company takes pride in their clients. They make sure you are satisfied with the product and offer options. I email Ms. Julie for the lavender soap separately, not to say I didn't want the other merchandise. But I love, love, love the soap. I can tell that they love what they do, because of their products. Like I said in my previous posting. I'm a customer for life. This is a blessed business. Thank you.
~Reviewed by Tamekio Debrow on April 15,2015 

Eye Mask Lavender Eucalyptus, Sinus, Deep Blue Batik Scroll- 5 STAR - Received your sinus mask as you described with simple instructions. This was packaged ever so carefully and arrived in a timely manner. Impressed with your quality to detail. Will refer to your site
~Reviewed by Melinda from VA on April 13, 2015

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - 5 STAR - Hi, I hope you are doing very well, so I bought your product for my mom and it's working really well. My mom suffers from sciatic nerve pain, spasms and lower back pain :(
Thank you very much for selling these, it really helps. Thanks!
~ Reviewed by Miranda from CA on April 11, 2015

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack- Yellow Pinwheel – 5 STAR- Here I found Julie and her amazing products, I even and found a even better ramped up version of my heat mask, a Lavender-Eucalyptus Sinus Mask which is filled with Lavender and Eucalyptus and natural Flax. I had never thought about the filling of my mask, just about how long it takes to heat up. I did notice, even though I kept care of my original by using a protective sleeve,  it started developing what looked like water stains . It took about 2 minutes to figure the stains out, Have you ever browned rice in a frying pan? Essentially I was browning the rice inside the mask, which caused moisture to develop causing this mess every time I microwaved it. 
With Heavenly Hollow's mask, I noticed longer retained heat time, NO moisture leaking onto my face now, Thank You for a well made product. If you suffer from allergies, sinus congestion or colds I highly recommend checking out Heavenly Hollow, the Sinus Pack is just one of many items aiding relief. Read more about this testimonial Blog for Julie’s herbal Packs and holistic products here : http://bit.ly/1xqvUtj 
~Reviewed by Stacy from Cafe Ala Mode on March 29th

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - 5 STAR- Perfect! Nice to find one with a good mix of herbs and not just lavender. Holds heat nicely and great size. Well made. Thanks!
~Reviewed by Patricia on February 24, 2015

Eye Mask Lavender Eucalyptus, Sinus, Victorian Floral- 5 STAR - Lovely, excellent quality eye pack! Super fast shipping! Prompt, very friendly, helpful customer service. The pack has very even, gentle heat with an awesome scent of lavender & eucalyptus. I am extremely happy with this product & service! 
~Reviewed by Karen on January 28, 2015

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - My husband is so happy about his new Herbie, you would have thought he received a large sum of money. They help him go to sleep faster and he doesn't cough all night from sinus drainage. 
~Reviewed by Susan Price on January 16,2015

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - Soft Fleece Cheetah- 5 STAR - I love my herbal pack it smells fantastic and it works phenomenal. Shipped so fast and she was very awesome responding and quickly! Will deff be ordering again :) 
~Reviewed by Katelyn Welch on January 12,2015

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - Yellow Pin Wheel- 5 STAR - I love my new hot cold pack. The quality is wonderful. I popped it right into the microwave and then placed it on my back to warm me up. I just came in from scrapping the snow off my sidewalks....it's 9 degrees outside. Thanks for my new best friend. 
~Reviewed by Pearl on January 7,2015

10 Chamber Herbal Pack Shoulder, Blue Millefior- 5 Star - Great transaction. So kind to wrap my package and send it so my mom got it right before Christmas. She loved it.
~Reviewed by Dmkrause2 on December 30, 2014

3 Chamber Lumbar Back Hot Cold Pack ,Deep Blue Batik – 5 STAR - I love the print, the smell, and how it feels on my back! :)
~Reviewed by Tymitt77 on December 19, 2014

Eye Mask Lavender Eucalyptus, Sinus, Deep Blue Batik Scroll- 5 STAR - Fast shipping and love it!
~Reviewed by Tymitt77 on December 19, 2014

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack - Lilac Garden  - 5 STAR - love so much! Thank you
~Reviewed by Chelsea on September 29, 2014

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack- Moon Light Twinkle – 5 STAR
Love the smell of it, I use it for about an hour after work right before I'm going to bed. It helps me recover from a stuffy building and staring at computers too much.
~Reviewed by  Sarah Sweet on August 26, 2014

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack - Black & White floral 1 – 5 STAR
 Super fast shipping. Eye mask is stuffed thick and great quality.
~Reviewed by Brandon Drake on August 25, 2014

Gift Bundle #2 ~~ Soft Velour HERBAL 4 Chamber Lumbar Pack ~ Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus EYE~ Hot / Cold Pack  - 5 STAR -  I love love love my new pack. The fabric and stitching is excellent! I will be back. I highly recommend your shop. Thank you so much, Pearl
~Reviewed by Pearl on July 27, 2014

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack- Bouquet of flowers – 5 STAR
I love this! Thank you!
~Reviewed by Lex  on June 19, 2014

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack - Blue Millefior – 5 STAR-  Perfect mask nicely weighted!! I also love the scent !
~ Reviewed by Tatum D on April 15, 2014

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack - Country – 5 STAR- 
Lovely fragrance and construction. The mask is very plump! This is a good value! And it does help with sinus stuffiness!
~ Reviewed by Vicki on March 13, 2014

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack - Blue Millefior – 5 STAR- Beautiful and well-made item, super quick shipping, wonderful interaction all the way thru.
~ Reviewed by Aaminah on February 16, 2014

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack- Moon Light Twinkle -5 STAR- Awesome eye mask! Highly recommend this item and seller!!
~ Reviewed by Theresaon February 9, 2014

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack- Moon Light Twinkle – 5 STAR -Works like a dream!! No joking. I am sleeping and wake up with very little sinus problems. Thanks so much.
~ Reviewed by  Amy on January 24, 2014

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack Country – 5 STAR- 
Purchased this as a gift for my dad to use for cold application. He loves it so much. Outstanding communication & care along with quick shipping too. Thank You!
~Reviewed by Stacey on February 1, 2014

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack- Hoffman Rust Star & Moon -5 STAR
Great service. Would buy from again.
~ Reviewed by Jean on January 23, 2014

Regular Cotton Hot / Cold Pack Herbal Pack Blue Celestial – 5 STAR - Looks great, I'll be giving this one as a present next week. :)
~ Reviewed by Holly Koppel on December 23, 2013

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack - Wild Life -5 STAR- Mmmmm....this smells wonderful. This is really going to help my sinus headaches.
~Reviewed by Holly Koppel on December 23, 2013

Lavender Eucalyptus Sinus Eye Mask / Pack- Black & White Soft Floral -5 STAR- Beautifully made and shipped fast! Thanks!
~Reviewed by Lissa on December 21, 2013

Chamber Lumbar Back Hot Cold Herbal Pack- Moonlight Twinkle -5 STAR- Absolutely awesome, and it arrived on my birthday. Love the way the herbs make the whole house smell! Looking forward to using a lot in future.
~Reviewed by Marina on December 14, 2013 

Great shaped pillow for the neck. It smells amazing and is just the right weight of filler. I cannot live without one of these. Previously ordered from Julie, and every transaction was smooth. Best prices. Julie is a great lady to deal with. Delivery was quick...3 days from order to my front door. So many sellers, but this one is definitely a pleasure to deal with. 

 Fantastic smell. Received the day before going into labor. No idea what I  would have done without it! I labored unmedicated and this was one of  my favorite tools for comfort during and after. Thankyou.