Reiki Testimonials from Heavenly Hollow

Julie M Walsh, Reiki Practitioner,Reiki Healer,New York, Capital District, Albany, Troy, Schenectady , Averill Park and surrounding areas of NY. Reiki Classes and healing in a tranquil country setting for mind, body and soul.   

Reiki Testimonials

Reiki Testimonials including Distant Reiki with Julie

Advanced Reiki Training Review I had taken my Level II Reiki Training with Julie at Heavenly Hollow. I came away from that day with such a great sense of excitement for the future Advance Reiki Training I already knew I would take at Heavenly Hollow! I was not disappointed! Julie and Heavenly Hollow have such great energy, and are surrounded by a lovely sense of ease and peace. This is what welcomes you as soon as you arrive. Her knowledge, experience and resources are abundant and generously shared. Any questions are usually answered with, “Hold on- I have great information on that subject in my closet/desk/drawer…”. What you learn and take away from Julie is far and above the minimum requirement for her trainings. I’m forever grateful for Reiki, Julie Walsh, and Heavenly Hollow. 

~Laurie G. NY

Julie, you are right about me, I had been feeling a little bottled up recently and wasn't saying all that I was thinking and it was making me feel uneasy and upset. I began yesterday to say more of what I'm thinking. You've helped me realize that I need to speak my mind-tactfully, but honestly- and get those feeling out where we can work on them. I also need to accept myself, and embrace the freedom to be who I am and do what I want and not worry so much what others may think of me for it. Physically I also feel rejuvenated by the session. Thank you very much!        
~ Christina C.

Thank you so much for your email Julie:)  Rachael slept really well last night and her jaw is a lot better!  No headache!  I know she really enjoyed her session with you yesterday.  I can’t wait to do the training with you.  I’m really hoping I have some talent for it and can pursue it for myself, family, and friends and possibly grow a business as you have!  I know this is a really lofty thought after just one Reiki session, but I really love to help people and it was such a powerful experience for me. 
~ Ruth, Niskayuna, NY 

Julie, Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift! I absolutely love it, and I put the angel under my pillow and had my first dream in months. Thank you for the distant healing. I definitely needed it. The eye mask also smells amazing and helped calm me down. I am going thru a tough recovery right now , so I've been trying to find some things to help. I don't know you, but I know you are a wonderful person! I appreciate you! Thanks again!!
~ Jamie

“As an experienced Master level Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, I have received literally hundreds of Reiki sessions from practitioners of all skill levels and various training lineages.  While each session is wonderful in its own way, very few if any compare to the experience of a session from Julie Walsh of Heavenly Hollow.  Julie’s skills and techniques as a Reiki Master are unsurpassed.  She has a naturally calming and gentle technique which makes the journey into Reiki relaxation wonderfully comfortable and efficient.  To enhance the experience for her clients, she has created an amazing space for her practice in her beautiful country home.  The energy of her Reiki room is peaceful, clean and loving, and full of angelic presence as well.  I can honestly say that even though I have my choice of hundreds of practitioners that I have met through my teaching practice, when I want to book a session for myself, the first thought I have is to see if Julie is available.” – Bob McGrath, Master Level Reiki Practitioner &Teacher, co-founder Pathways to Harmony.  

Oh my goodness this was wonderful and so, so spot on. My solar plexus energy was barely flowing at all yesterday, and now seems far more balanced. That's funny you have mentioned the feet... As part of a virus the doctors think I have, itchy palms/feet are common. I was up for a few hours last night just because of my ” feet”. My shoulders definitely bear the weight of the world and I had been having some problems even sleeping all week because I couldn't get my neck comfortable. My hormones are all over the board, and bloating is a real issue for me. Have never thought about that as a 6th chakra issue before for my bloating and hormones!  Thanks for mentioning it and  for helping me get back on track! I feel much more like myself :). This was a FANTASTIC healing!
~Sara F.

Where do I begin. I was helped greatly by this wonderful lady. My experience was wonderful and the results are great.
~ Marlene C. 

First of all, thank you for the distant session. It was very good. I do feel calmer and certainly more hopeful now. I find it amazing that you knew just where I needed the most healing. I actually have had just about all the symptoms of the sacral chakra that you mentioned and recently too. Glad to know those will go away. :) I think I may have suppressed my feeling and even 'right to feel' like you said for some time because of fear of loss, but that's no way to live, I'm realizing that now. I felt a warmth over my mid-section for much of the session and I thought you might be working on that area-that's really neat! My right hand was also warm for awhile and my right shoulder, maybe it was from too much stress. This has been a great experience! Thanks again ~
~Christina , New Jersey

It was such a pleasure meeting you! I felt such a wave of relaxation after our session. I also felt very uplifted. It has been a while since I took time for me to nourish my spirit. You have an amazing gift and I hope others get to experience it and I am grateful to have connected with you. You are truly a beautiful soul and I hope to be able to learn from you in the near future :)
Thank you so very much!
Eternal love and light
~Lynne , Delmar NY

You are a sweetheart. Very good experience once again for my daughter and that means the world to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
~Darcy K , Rensselaer, NY 

I asked Julie Walsh for a Reiki session while going through an extremely stressful time tending to our beloved fifteen year old dog. I am at heart a prayer warrior and decided to see how Julie's healing hands would partner with my prayers to God for internal peace. I was skeptical but willing to give it a try. Within 5 minutes of laying on her table I felt a sense of deep relaxation and within another 5 minutes I was asleep. I awoke refreshed and very surprised.
~Gloria Perreault, Averill Park , NY

I went to Julie for a reiki session about 6 months after I had my C-section. I was having horrible pain, numbness and tingling. I didn't know what to do, so I decided to try reiki. After the first session I was hooked. I had no more pain, numbness or tingling it was amazing. I will be going back again, for I am going to have another baby which means another C-section. 
~Michele Apfel , Troy , NY

I asked Julie to do another Reiki session on me because I have always been extremely pleased and have benefited greatly from our sessions. She has done it from a distance and it is truly amazing what I experience. I have several chronic autoimmune diseases and migraines and I always receive great relief and results from Julie. I am so thankful for her great talent! She is extremely gifted and I always look forward to working together. 
~Alexis R. Waterford, NY 

Class Testimonials with Julie from Heavenly Hollow

Q. What did you think of this Reiki 1 class and were you fully satisfied? I loved this class and had so much fun! Learned alot of great info and had lots of hand on time! Julie was great and I recommend her for others. ~ T. Wygant, Cohoes NY on April 8, 2017

Q. What did you think of this Reiki 1 class and were you fully satisfied? Yes! . I learned alot. This was my second Reiki 1 Class. This class was much more educational, Informative . The most positive experience I learned in this class was how it clarified my reiki practice and how it works. ~C. McCormick, Averill Park, NY on April 8,2017

Q. What did you think of this Reiki 1 class and were you fully satisfied?​
I really enjoyed the level 1 Reiki Class . It was an intimate setting, very peaceful and relaxing.I have a greater understanding of reiki practice and enjoyed having hands on training. Julie is a kindhearted soul. Thank you so much for making reiki an enjoyable experience. 
~Lynn R , Delmar,NY on March 4,2017

Q. What did you think of  this Reiki 1 class and were you fully satisfied?​
 I am satisfied with the class. I think it was a great introduction to Reiki, and I am thankful to have shared the experience. I liked the teacher, she was very knowledgeable and shared useful information. 
​~Amanda S. Albany, NY March 4, 2017

Q. What did you think of this Reiki II class and were you fully satisfied?
I think Julie is a wonderful teacher, having taken Reiki 1 elsewhere, it was a comfort that her curriculum and focus was consistent. Prior to class she also checked in and made sure we were fully prepared, no unpleasant surprises. I would definitely recommend this class. ~Tammy Z. Albany, NY

Q. What did you think of this Reiki II Class and were you fully satisfied?Not knowing what to expect, - extremely satisfied with the content as well as the presentation. Based on information sent prior to class , very happy with content, presentation and information. The teacher was wonderful, a nice mix of knowledge, great energy, sense of humor and integrity.  The location, the space , the teacher and the people made this class just as it was meant to be.  Absolutely recommend this class!
~ Laurie G. Niskayuna, NY 

My Reiki I training at Heavenly Hollow was fantastic! I took away a wealth of Reiki knowledge and felt so relaxed throughout the class. Julie's method of training made the eight hours fly by. I am so excited to take her Reiki II class!
~ E. Collins Glenmont, NY

Thank you so much for everything Julie!! I had a wonderful time at the reiki 1 class! I feel so excited today to start practicing my reiki on Jeff and Rachael. I'm going to go on Craig's list this morning and see if I can find a used massage table that fits the requirements you suggested and I'm ordering the 2 cd s you have on Amazon. I had a wonderful time and I know lisa did too!!  Thank you thank you thank you!
~ R Cox