Beneath The Skin Lash Studio Policy

We want to make sure that you and all clients are provided with a quality experience which is timely and professional. To ensure reliable and consistent services for all of our clients, please be aware of the following booking and appointment policies. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us, it would be our pleasure to assist you.

New Client Policy: With a possible new upcoming policy, new clients may be required to provide a valid credit-card in order to schedule the first appointment and book their appointments. The credit card number may be used in instances of 24-hour cancellations, rescheduling, or no call no shows. 

24 Hour Policy for Cancellations or Changes (Rescheduling): If you need to cancel your appointment, make a change or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance to your appointment in order to avoid additional charged fees to your credit card provided. The 24 hours will give your artist time to offer that appointment to another client and plan their day accordingly.

To make or change an appointment: Your lash artist can be contacted during normal business hours 

8 am until 8pm. Please do not call or text after hours. Your email/text or phone call will only be addressed during hours stated. 

Confirmation / Text/ Emails  As a courtesy, we will text/email and to remind you of your appointment. You will get several alerts to keep you informed so you don’t forget your scheduled appointment.  This also helps in case you need to reschedule. Please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and cancellation fees.

Late Cancellations (within 24 hours of your appointment or service): Appointments cancelled or changed within the 24-hour window are considered a late cancellation, and you may be charged 50% of the service requested to the credit card in which the appointment was held. If we do not have your credit card on file, this fee will be added to your next scheduled appointment.

If we are unable to provide your service due to noncompliance of our appointment policies, it will count as a late cancellation and you will be charged accordingly. 

Missed appointments or No Call No Shows: Your artist will send out appointment reminders two days before your appointment. It’s your responsibility to be on time for your appointment. Missed appointments (NO SHOWS) may be charged in full of the service requested to the credit card in which the appointment was held. No Call No Shows will not be allowed to reschedule. 

Late Arrivals: Late arrivals will cut into your session time and can result in additional charges if your appointment has to be cancelled. Please be sure to notify your artist ahead of time if you will be late. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your original appointment time, your appointment will be cancelled, and you may be charged 50% of the service fee (according to late cancellation policy). Out of respect for other clients, we cannot cut into another client’s appointment time. 

If it is your first visit, please arrive 5 minutes early before your appointment start time to complete paperwork without cutting into your session time. Please take our location into account ahead of time.

Requirements for fills: We do not perform refill services on work that was not done within our facility– NO EXCEPTIONS. If you currently have lash extensions on, you must get them removed before receiving your first new set with us. This is to avoid the risk of mixing different adhesives and materials from work done in other salons or by another artist.  

How full your lashes will look at the end of your fill appointment will be greatly affected by how many lashes you have when you arrive for your appointment. Clients must have *at least* 40% of extensions still adhered to the natural lashes in order for fills to be considered fills. They may look significantly less but should not have major gaps. If at any time you have less than 10 extensions per eye, the purchase of a full set will be required. Please let your artist know if you will need additional time to make sure the time can be provided. 

If you have been rough on your lashes in-between fills and have lost more than normal, please contact your artist 24 hours ahead of time. Additional cost and timing may need to be considered.

If it has been 4 weeks or longer since your last appointment, the purchase of a full set will be required regardless of how many lash extensions you have remaining. The remaining lashes will most likely be removed and replaced with new lashes.

Refunds: Your lash artist will provide you with a “timely professional service” that is NON-Refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS. You fully understand that this service is NON REFUNDABLE. 

Please notify your lash artist within 24 hours of service with any lash concerns. Should you have falling lashes within 24 hours of your service, your lash artist will do their very best to replace them within said time frame according to their available schedule free of charge. If you experience an allergy and are unable to wear the eyelash extensions applied, we will remove them free of charge within 24 hours of service if notified. 

2 Person Max per Treatment Room: For purposes of safety and sanitation, we cannot allow anyone else into the service rooms other than (1) the Lash artist and (2) the person receiving the service. (This is a policy implemented by the facility owner). 

We respectfully request that clients do not bring pets, or children under the age 12 while you are receiving the service. This allows your lash artist to concentrate 100% on you and your service. If you arrive with your children without discussion with your artist, your service may be rescheduled.

Cell phone Usage: Should be turned onto silent mode and put away in order to minimize distractions and potential hazards—this is especially crucial for eye and brow services, which involves the use of tweezers and adhesives around the delicate eye area, and therefore requires a great deal of focus and precision on the part of our technicians. Please be courteous and respectful of your technician’s time and work by keeping your phone on silent until you have left the session room. 

PAYMENT/GRATUITY: We accept Cash and all major credit cards. Gratuities are appreciated, accepted in addition to or added to the service fee.