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Reiki, Troy, Energy Healing, Reiki Master Practitioner, Reiki Healer,Energy Healing, Albany

Reiki 1 Class

Have you been intrigued in some way to try Reiki? Are you brought to the Reiki Energy because of sickness or poor health? Do you wish you could mentally and physically comfort a loved one who has been drained from sickness? If you answer "yes" to any of these questions then these classes are the right choice for you .
Everyone is different with a unique experience but we all have one simple focus in common, HEALING

Reiki Level 1 Class is an 8 hour Interactive and Educational Class

Reiki 1, January 11, 2020 Class focuses on self care for the student and for the student to offer to others as needed. No prerequisites required for this course. This reiki class is limited to 6 students for individualized attention so please register early as the next scheduled reiki 1 class or reiki level 1 is January 11, 2020

Request a SOONER private class of two!

Great for Reiki beginners, parents, caregivers, healers, children and health professionals are invited to learn, practice and share together. This class is designed for individuals interested in a simple yet effective healing therapy to treat and balance the whole person - mind, body and spirit.  

First degree Reiki practice is easy to learn. Most people practice in bed, while falling asleep or awakening, so Reiki integrates easily into even the busiest lifestyle. 

Registration deadline is 1 week prior to class date

Reiki, Troy, Energy Healing, Reiki Master Practitioner, Reiki Healer,Energy Healing,Reiki  Teacher

Topic covered in the classroom

Topic covered in the classroom portion of the training include:

 What is Reiki?

 What are the different levels of Reiki?

 What is an attunement and how does it work?

 How does Reiki work?

 What can Reiki be used for?

 The History of Reiki

 Additional Japanese Reiki Techniques:

o Gassho Meditation

o Byosen Scanning

o Kenyoku

 The Hayashi Healing Guide

 The Reiki Hand Positions for treatment of others

 The Reiki Hand positions for self-treatment

 What supplies or equipment do I need to get started?

The remainder of the Reiki I training class is spent in hands-on practice treating other students. Massage tables will be set up in the classroom and the instructors will demonstrate techniques and provide coaching and advice to facilitate the student acquiring the necessary comfort level to start work as a Reiki practitioner. 

A portion of class will also be practicing self treatment. Practicing Reiki self-treatment restores balance on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When you live with greater balance in yourself, your relationships with others and with the circumstances of your life generally improve as well, including job and money. 

At the conclusion of the class, the student will be given a personalized certificate documenting their completion of the necessary training and providing evidence of their certification as a Reiki Level I practitioner.

REIKI LEVEL 1 FEE - $175.00 which includes the cost of the book and materials for class. If going onto REIKI II, this book will also be used in REIKI II Class.

 ** Classes, once purchased are NON-REFUNDABLE due to the class preparation for each student and materials ordered. However, if open, student could be transferred to another class