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True Beauty Lies Beneath The Skin

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Cassie Strives To Embrace Her Work With Creativity

Eyelash extensions are one of the newest and improving popular trends in the beauty industry. They can enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of your natural eyelashes. Consult with your artist to discuss your desired look.

They are soft, lightweight synthetic mink semi-permanent lashes that are different from temporary strip lashes. By working with tweezers in hand, your artist will work to isolate one eyelash, and adhere the extension to that individual lash using a small amount of non-irritating formulated adhesive. An extension is placed on each healthy lash present. The typical amount of natural lashes someone has per eye is 100-200 eyelashes. 

Because the extensions are attached to a single lash, they will grow and shed in a cycle without any discomfort or damage to your natural eyelashes. 


Whether you want something full and dramatic, or simple and eye enhancing, Cassie can give you the lash look and comforting experience you’ve been searching for.

Eyelash extensions accomplish what mascara cannot, no matter how thick and voluminous the formula is. You look like you were born with the thickest, fullest, most perfectly curled lashes.  

There are no clumps, and they’re perfectly tapered from root to tips. The best part is that you look that way 24 hours a day! 

Mink CLASSIC EYELASH EXTENSIONS Full Sets are ONLY 85.00! Eyelash Extensions Troy, Albany, Latham, Averill  Park NY. Schenectady, Lanesborough, Hancock, Williamstown, MA, NY.   

WANT MORE INFORMATION? Please click below on our PRE & POST RECOMMENDATIONS, or text/call Cassie at 518-545-8868. 

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The Best Extensions Are Custom and Handcrafted

Our Lash Artist, goes to great lengths to satisfy her clients. Time dedication is important to achieve the best results and extensions should always be applied precisely & patiently.  

By using medical grade professional products and adhesives, your artist will work to raise expectations and deliver the best quality with time dedication. Your artist will give you the knowledge behind the products and ensure you receive the best service.

During a consultation, your artist will work to educate, and inform you about the general information, care and maintenance of the eyelash extensions and all you need to know to satisfy your needs and lifestyle! 

When applied properly and cleansed daily, extensions do NOT ruin the health of your natural lashes. Your lashes will continue a path of regrowth. As promised, we will work together to keep your lashes in the healthiest state possible. 


Beneath The Skin Studio Gift Certificates Available

Ideal for Holidays, Birthdays, Special Occasions, Weddings and more! Request any amount towards a certificate for friend, purchase online and we will mail to you on us.