Reiki Master Class, Reiki Master Teacher Class, Reiki Master Class

Next Reiki Master Teacher Class is June 13 & 14, 2020, Reiki Master Class, Julie M Walsh, Reiki  Practitioner,Reiki Healer, New York, Capital District, Albany, Troy,  Schenectady , Averill Park and  surrounding areas of NY. Reiki Classes  and healing in a tranquil country setting for mind, body and soul.    

Reiki Master Class, Reiki Master Teacher Class

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Reiki Master Class, Reiki Master Teacher Class (2 DAY CLASS) June 13 & 14 & Later in Fall of 2020


This Reiki Master Class, Reiki Master Teacher Class fee includes a 160 page textbook written by William Lee  Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training. This  textbook covers both Advanced and Master Levels of Reiki Training.

Reiki Master training is taught in a 16 hour, two day session that is equally divided between instruction and hands-on practice. During Reiki Master training, the student will be given a complete  Reiki III Usui/Tibetan Master attunement to properly adjust their Chakras and energy pathways to link them to the Reiki source and accommodate their ability to channel Reiki's healing energy for themselves and others.  A Master attunement also empowers the  practitioner to utilize two  additional sacred Tibetan Reiki symbols to  enhance the effectiveness of their sessions, and activates these symbols for the student receiving  the attunement.  The Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master will have use of a total of six symbols upon completion of the training.

Topics covered in the classroom portion of the Reiki Master Training include:

  • Review of Reiki I/II/ART training including any questions
  • Complete Reiki III Usui/Tibetan Master Attunement
  • Instruction on giving all attunements, including Reiki Master
  • You will listen to a complete recording of Mrs. Takata , "History of Reiki".  A recording in her spoken voice about her Reiki Lineage including a printed transcript to follow along.
  • Complete Usui system, and Usui/Tibetan system as used by the International Center for Reiki Training
  • Instruction on how to complete the healing attunement, which heals and strengthens the effectiveness of Reiki treatments for yourself and others.
  • Two Tibetan symbols are taught for a total of six symbols to assist in your Reiki healing work
  • An Advanced Reiki meditation which harmonizes the energy of the chakras
  • Deep Explanation of the Anthakarana and how to use this in  healing.
  • How to Attune yourself and also do a complete distant attunement to advance your healing practice. 
  • A discussion of the values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master
  • A discussion of teaching techniques and course outlines to add a teaching practice to your healing work
  • A written test on how to properly draw all six Usui/Tibetan symbols is given
  • Once you have completed this class with Heavenly Hollow, you will receive the complete training you will need to be able to initiate others into all the degrees of Reiki Training and Teaching.

Powerful healing experiences often take place during the Master class. Students repeatedly practice giving attunements to each other  so each student is attuned many times.

The remainder of the Master class is spent in hands-on practice treating and attuning other students.  Adequate tables will be set up  in the classroom and the instructors will  demonstrate techniques and provide coaching and advice to facilitate the   student acquiring the necessary comfort level to continue their work as a Reiki practitioner at the Master level.

At the conclusion of the class, the student will be given a personalized certificate documenting their completion of the necessary  training and providing  evidence of their certification as a Reiki  Master.  These credentials also qualify the student to teach all levels of Reiki up to and including Master level. 


We are also pleased to announce that Pathway's own Bob  McGrath will be co-teaching a Master Level Reiki Class in 2020! Register at the Heavenly Hollow website. This will  be an amazing experience and offers the added benefit that you will  receive not one but TWO Master Level attunements - one from Bob and one from Julie.  

Testimonials about Master Class are here , including the one below: 

A heartfelt thank you to both of you for an inspiring, uplifting and  affirming experience this weekend during our Reiki Master training. You  two make such a dynamic teaching team. I feel refreshed and energized  from all that Reiki energy, and from the chance to spend time with and  learn alongside all of the talented and kindred spirits who  participated. Truly, thank you .

There is a $175.00 NON Refundable Deposit Due to hold your class space. CLass Fee for this special event is $550.00.  Space is limited, please register early.