Advanced Reiki Training Art Class, Reiki Level ART, with Heavenly Hollow

Next ART, ADVANCED REIKI TRAINING is May 23, 2020 Reiki ART Class, Julie M Walsh, Reiki Practitioner,Reiki Healer, New York, Capital District, Albany, Troy, Schenectady , Averill Park and  surrounding areas of NY. Reiki Classes and healing in a tranquil country setting for mind, body and soul. Advanced Reiki Training ART Class

Advanced Reiki Training ART Class

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Advanced Reiki Training ART

The Advanced Reiki Training Art Class fee includes a textbook written by William Lee Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training.

May 23, 2020

ART is taught in an 8 hour session that is equally divided between instruction and hands-on practice.  During Advanced Reiki Training,the student will be given an attunement to properly adjust their chakras and energy pathways to link them to the Reiki source and accommodate their ability to channel Reiki's healing energy for themselves and others.  An ART attunement also empowers the practitioner to utilize the sacred Usui Reiki Master symbol to enhance  the effectiveness of their sessions, and activates the Usui Master symbol for the student receiving the attunement.


Topics covered in the classroom portion of the Advanced Reiki Training include:

Healing at this Master level is thought to directly effect the higher spiritual body and can possibly lead you to immense transformation and healing on all levels of being and possibly, at times, Miracles.


Review of Reiki I/II training including any questions

Discussion of the meaning of the sacred Usui Reiki Master symbol

How to draw the Usui Reiki Master symbol

Using the Usui Reiki Master Symbol for healing and to increase the effectiveness of other symbols

Guided meditation to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness

Advanced techniques to achieve goals and resolve life lessons

Using Reiki to protect yourself and others

The use of crystals and stones with Reiki

How to make a Reiki grid to continuously send Reiki to yourself and others

Reiki Aura clearing to assist in removing negative psychic energy from yourself and others

Participation in an exercise in preparation for the Master Class

Discussion of any effects from the attunement process 

ART training includes a written test of the students ability to draw the 3 Level II symbols and the Usui Master symbol.  The remainder of the ART class is spent in hands-on practice treating other students. Massage tables will be set up in the classroom and the instructors will demonstrate techniques and provide coaching and advice to facilitate the student acquiring the necessary comfort level to continue their work as a Reiki practitioner at a higher level.  At the conclusion of the class,the student will be given a personalized certificate documenting their completion of the necessary training and providing evidence of their certification as an Advanced Reiki practitioner.   

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