Heavenly Hollow and Reiki Recommended Reading

Knowledge is Power! Julie M. Walsh, Reiki Master, Practitioner and Teacher leaves some of her personal reiki recommended reading as a "must to know".

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Recommended Reading:

Reiki Healing Therapy as a Psychological Approach ( 2017 By Kaitlyn E. Walsh)   

Hayashi, Chujiro (W/Petter, Frank Arjava and Yamaguchi, Tadao): The Hayashi Reiki Manual; 2003 Lotus Press

Koda, Katalin:Sacred Path of reiki;2008 Llewellyn Publications

Lubeck, Walter (W/Petter, Frank Arjava and rand, William Lee): The Spirit of Reiki; 2001 Lotus Press

Miles, Pamela: Reiki- A Comprehensive Guide; 2006 Tracher/Penguin

Penczak, Christopher: Magik of Reiki; 2010 Llewellyn Publications

Petter, Frank Arjava: Reiki- The Legacy of Dr. Usui; 1998 Lotus Press

Petter, Frank Arjava: Reiki Fire; 1997 Lotus Press

Rand, William Lee: The Reiki Touch; 2005 Sounds True

Rand, William Lee: Reiki -The Healing Touch- First and Second Degree Manual; 1991 Vision Publications (This is our level 1 and II test books)

Rand, William Lee: Reiki for a new Millenium; 1998 Vision Publications

Stein, Diane: Essential Reiki; 1995 Crossing Press

Steine, Bronwen and Frans: The Reiki Sourcebook; 2003 O Books

Usui, Dr. Mikao (W/Petter, Frank Arjava): The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui; 1998 Lotus Press

Vennells, David F.: Beginner’s Guide to Reiki; 1999 Fall River Press

Yamaguchi, Tadao: Light on the Origins of Reiki; 2007 Lotus Press

Zion, Tina M.: The Reiki Teacher’s Manual; 2008 Author House

Useful Websites

www.reiki.org (The International Center for Reiki Training, William Lee Rand)

www.heavenlyhollowdist.com (Heavenly Hollow- Julie M. Walsh- R.M.T)

www.reikimembership.com (The ICRT Membership Site)

www.IARP.org (The International Association of Reiki Professionals)

www.reikimedicine.org (Pamela Miles’ site to advance Reiki acceptance in Hospitals)

www.centerforreikiresearch.org (Science and Reiki come together here)

www.reikiforchristiansbook.com (excellent book available called “Reiki for Christians” written by Father Padraig Leonard)

Recommended Music

“Reiki Offering” by Shastro and Nadama, produced by Malimba Records, 2001

“Koyasan Reiki Sound Healing” by CG Deuter, produced by New Earth Records, 2006

“The Heart of Reiki” by Merlin’s Magic, produced by Inner Worlds Music, 1997

“RETURNING” by Jennifer Berezan, Edge of Wonder records, 2001